A Typical Day at Camp

First Thing

Upon arriving we'll take your child's name and remind you of the 'codeword' which you need to provide when picking your up child(ren). Once everyone has arrived we'll introduce ourselves and go through the safety talk.


After the safety talk we jump straight into name games and then lots of high intensity activities, which get the heart pumping. After a short break the older children participate in more team sports/games and the younger children play more activities and games.                                      (Siblings/Friends can always stay together)


Children will be able to eat, drink and rest with their friends and siblings. Children can play with the Arts & Crafts or Free-play areas. Once lunchtime ends children will begin to get ready for swimming


Changing is supervised at all times. Once changed children can choose to take the swim test. This requires children to swim confidently and competently in 3 recognised strokes. If they pass they can swim without a buoyancy aid if they do not they will be required to wear buoyancy support. 


After swimming and the last break of the day children have 'Options'. Children get to choose what they want to play which fits within 3 different areas; Sports, Activities and Arts & Crafts.

End of Day

We finish the day off with 'Goodbye Games' then sit down ready for pick up. Please ensure you know your 'codeword'

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